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Internacional Partners

Anjos do Brasil is proud to be part of these internacional Angel Networks!

Anjos do Brasil is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2011 by Cassio Spina, to foster the development of angel investment in Brazil. We are the largest angel investor network in Brazil with over 10 affiliated groups spread from south to the north of the country gathering  more than 500 active members.

Angel investing has great potential to boost development in Brazil, by creating companies with high added value and impact.  Some examples of this type of companies are Bematech and Buscapé which were invested by angel investors and were sold years later for several hundreds of millions dollars.

An angel investor invests his skills, experience and relationships in addition to the financial resources needed to set up and develop a new company. This substantially increases the chances of success of a business and accelerates its growth. Apart from skilled jobs, it creates know-how and technology for the country.

Anjos do Brasil is a not-for-profit organization that encourages Angel Investing in support of innovative entrepreneurial projects. We are based in four pillars: 

  • Supporting the formation of investment groups that connects entrepreneurs and angel investors;
  • Sharing knowledge and helping to create a venture capital investment culture;
  • Working with government to formulate and execute public policies in support of innovative entrepreneurial projects;
  • Impact investment and measurement, as a result of angel investments in Startups.

The guiding principle of our activity is to connect all the agents of the entrepreneurial community. 

We work to build and strengthen the culture of angel investing and to support investors and entrepreneurs with high added value. To this end, jointly with our partners, we provide the following:

I. Support for the formation of regional networks of angel investors, for whom we provide:

  • Management systems;
  • Methodologies and best practices;
  • Guidance and training;
  • Investment opportunities.

II.  Screening and analysis of  projects from entrepreneurs, which we forward to Angel Investors and Partner Networks.
III.  Education

  •  Sharing angel investing skills and best-practices on lectures and seminars;
  • ​ Training and Helping entrepreneurs with funding;
  •  Training and Helping Angel Investors with “how to” and Best-practices when investing.

IV.  Organization of events on Angel Investing and support for partners’ events.

  • Partnerships for Best Practices and Knowledge sharing: We hold regular events, and support our partner´s events, to share content about angel investing and entrepreneurship, and also to strengthen the culture of innovation in the business.

V. Institutional and Public Policy

  • Anjos do Brasil works in order to present to government authorities (executive, legislative and judiciary) the concept of angel investing, and its added value for the country’s economy and society,in order to develop  a better perception of the activity, by formulating and executing public policy in support of innovative entrepreneurs.
  • Input for Creation of Public Policy: We propose measures, and support our   partners’s  proposals, for improving the law and regulations for angel investing and entrepreneurship in Brazil, and also support the steps taken by public authorities to encourage such activities.If you want to become an investor member and be part of our network, just register here. You will receive projects and be invited to attend our meetings and events for investors.​

NB: Anjos do Brasil is a national network, and so members receive projects from all the Hubs. They can attend meetings at other Regional Hubs and hook up with other network members.

  1. Training: we have created a number of support tools to teach investors how to access opportunities, negotiate and invest in startups. For example, we offer the content of this website, our book “Investidor Anjo” (“Angel Investor”) and Courses and Workshops. Investor Network: We arrange groups of investors in Regional Hubs, to access opportunities jointly, exchange notes and  help each other.
  2. Presentation of Entrepreneurs’ Projects: with our partners networks we exchange projects seeking investment from angel investors. We should stress that each investor must make his own assessment and investment decision, and is absolutely free, jointly with the other investors in the organization, to invest or not to invest.
  3. Regular Meetings: each Regional Hub holds regular meetings to present the best projects submitted by entrepreneurs, with lectures on issues of interest to members and the chance to compare experiences and skills.
  1. Training: we have created a number of tools to help entrepreneurs learn how to present their projects to investors, thus increasing their chances of success in obtaining funding. For example, we have the content of this website, our book “Investidor Anjo” (“Angel Investor”) and Courses and Workshops.
  2. Projects Forwarded to Investors: we have a network of investors in Regional Hubs in a number of States, and we send them the projects presented to us (select Submit on the website). After selection, the projects are analyzed by the investors and, if they are interested, they contact the entrepreneur to negotiate an investment directly.
  3. Partnerships for Sharing Skills: we hold regular events, and support those of our partners, to share knowledge about angel investing and entrepreneurship, so as to broaden the culture of innovation in the business. Sign up and follow our agenda.
  • If you have a project that qualifies for angel investing, submit it to our network, and after selection we will forward your project to our investors for analysis. 

IMPORTANT: Anjos do Brasil does not invest directly or manage third party funds, nor does it recommend or act as broker for any investment. No charge is made for an investment, and we do not endorse entrepreneurs or investors. Therefore we cannot give any warranty or accept any responsibility: we simply put angel investors in touch with entrepreneurs so that they can make their own analysis and negotiate directly. For more details, see our  FAQ   and Terms and Conditions.